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York Racecourse

That’s Champion

  • Strategy
  • Engagement
  • Identity
  • Copywriting

An iconic horseracing destination, nine times the winners of the Racegoers Club Best Racecourse in Britain award, and RCA Showcase champions.

What does it take to drive new levels of innovation and excellence at an already aspirational destination? When the opportunity arose for York racecourse to pause, take stock and define how to take their brand to the next level, H:F was tasked with bringing together its extensive history, local roots, and positive team of staff, to embrace a new strategy that would shape their future.

The project covered brand vision, brand identity, staff engagement and identity application. For the vision, it was time to look beyond national precedents to the worldwide stage, and beyond the racing industry, drawing from the best retail destinations, sporting venues, and entertainment hubs. It was also time to look inward, shape a unique brand proposition and give proper precedence to devices such as the Barbers Pole found across the racecourse and Yorkshire legend Voltigeur, the horse that earned immortality as a literal icon within its logo.

A classic but latent logo, during the identity process it was evolved for a modern audience with a more contemporary aesthetic, in line with its premium positioning. The project also led into an internal engagement programme, ‘That’s Champion’, to encourage staff to live the brand proposition and raise awareness of it.

“The team at H:F should be proud. We are delighted with how it is all coming together. It is what we have termed, ‘A Proper Brand Identity’.”

James Brennan, Head of Marketing and Sponsorship