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RCA Customer Service Strategy

Surpassing service expectations

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When it comes to customer service there are a few key lessons. Over the top and our experience can be hindered, underwhelming and our experience is downright dismal.

One thing that’s for certain, as AI increasingly replaces traditional outlets for consumer assistance, is that our real-life interactions have to be as efficient, with the care and warmth bots can’t replicate. The ability for staff members to express themselves as individuals, in their own dialect and local culture is central to a connection between real personalities and real consumers. If the service ‘touch point’ is elevated from the mechanical to the memorable we set precedent to surpass expectations.

As part of our longstanding relationship with The Racecourse Association we have worked for 10 years to improve the quality of the guest experience across Britain’s racecourses. Developing our thinking we initiated a research programme to explore the psychology of customer experience, sharing our findings through a series of masterclasses and workshops across the UK. H:F designed and produced customer service prompt cards helping bring to life best customer service practice from around the world in a fun and stylish way. The RCA’s customer service program is now in its third year and has led to significant improvements in both the quality and character of customer service delivered at racecourses across the UK.

“Thank you so much for all of your hard work in researching, preparing and delivering the recent Masterclasses. The levels of engagement and value gained was terrific for all of our members.”

Caroline Davies, Racecourse Services Director, RCA