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Highgate Cemetery

A unique opportunity

  • Strategy
  • Engagement
  • Guardianship

Founded in 1845 Highgate Cemetery is one of the most famous gardens of rest in the world and one of London’s magnificent seven.

Amongst its illustrious guests are Karl Marx, George Elliot, Malcolm McLaren and George Michael. A place of extraordinary peace and beauty, Highgate Cemetery acts as a sanctuary for the busy city of London.

The H:F team were invited to help The Friends of Highgate Cemetery to define a clear strategy for the future evolution of this irreplaceable asset. A living cemetery, the strategy needs to take all team members on the journey, including grave owners and the contrasting requirements of visitors from across the world. Through interviews, audits of cemeteries globally and extensive workshops, a strategy has now been adopted that will guide the restoration of buildings on the site, inform the landscape approach and set standards for the recruitment and training of volunteers who make up the team at Highgate.

For H:F this project represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transfer our strategic skills, not just to the heritage sector, but to a sector which deals with one of the most sensitive issues in society.